I had been working and living with a prolific Dutch crime novelist at his waterfront estate on the beautiful coast of Maine when I was first introduce to “putting things together”. I lived very simply in his artist studio studying Kerouacs “zen lunacy” and writing poetry about my experiences past and present. I had been learning many things including gardening, landscaping, carpentry, ocean navigation and sculpture.

At age twenty-two I chose to go to Unity College and pursue an environmental studies degree. This is where I climbed my first hemlock tree that towered eighty feet up with a majestic crown and views of the rolling fields, farms and lakes.

However, it was time for some changes, my wife Nisa and I were expecting a child and we wanted to be closer to family. I thought about pursuing a career in environmental journalism, but my writing was less technical, more spiritual and emotional. I came back to work for the same family and joined a timber frame company that had been hired to build an octagonal meditation center on their property. I worked with the timber frame company for two years and following a layoff in the fall of 2001 began to pursue the timber frame trade on my own.

There is an almost timeless reverence within the grain, a familiar stoic character of old, and always a story to be told.

I started building an “off-grid” solar house for a friend of mine which became the catalyst for my career. A number of “off-grid” project would follow and I felt like I was beginning to tie in my college education with green construction. I joined the Timber Framers Guild, a great resource of knowledge, and studied my craft intensely. I wanted to be a great craftsman and I wanted to make a difference in the wasteful practices of modern construction. Alternative energy and green construction practices became the focus for my business and I am still learning and developing for the future.

I currently live with my beautiful artistic wife, Nisa, my driven daughter, Naaki, and my relentlessly energetic son, Theron, on Great Pond in Franklin, Maine. We enjoy hiking, kayaking and frisbee. Our children attend the Waldorf-inspired Bay School in Blue Hill, Maine.