Black Timber

The Process

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The Process


Once you contact Black Mountain Timber Frames, Andrew Lehto, will schedule a meeting to discuss your ideas to determine how we can help you. We have in-house designers and access to engineers in the community that we work closely with. At this initial phase, the meeting is of no cost to the client. The design phase begins after the first meeting. This is when we bring all the ideas and spread them out on the table to discuss design and budget simultaneously. Our design rates are flexible based on the project complexity. We typically design by the hour, but can also quote a design fee for a plan package. Our turn around on a 3-D model is usually 1-2 weeks. Please feel free to ask questions about our work and process.


The Budget


An estimate for your project is very crucial in the beginning process of your design work. Design and budget go hand in hand. We use a predetermined square foot cost multiplier for estimating and then apply percentage factors to the raw square footage to obtain an adjusted square foot estimate. This process is a way to ensure you do not design out of your desired budget range. We work closely with material vendors and sub-contractors to make sure we can oversee your pricing.