The Process

Many people covet the attributes of a timber frame home, like the craftsmanship of the mortise and tenon joinery, the ability to obtain large cathedral great rooms with incredible details, the textures and strength of the exposed beams, but others might be more interested in the heirloom qualities of their dream home, the equity and saleability of an investment.

No matter what has influenced you into choosing a timber frame home you still need help in making the right choices for your home to become what you’ve always desired. Black Mountain Timber Frames (BMTF) can help lead you through that process.

Here is an outline of the process for your peace of mind.

Site Evaluation
You have found your dream land and you want to design your house carefully to take advantage of your views, solar orientation, privacy and aesthetics. This first stage is always the most important because it sets the base and tone for the project.  The site evaluation will help determine other factors like budget and coordination of the project.

Budget & Project Management
Hard decisions need to be made in the beginning to outline a sound budget and realistic goals for your home. Hiring Black Mountain Timber Frames to oversee your project just gave you extra hour of sleep per night. You have conceptually oriented your house on your land and now are beginning to understand your needs.  Let BMTF put the team together to seamlessly transition your project from beginning to end.

Timber Frame Costs
There is no magic dollar amount per square foot cost for your custom timber frame, but we have built enough of a variety of timber frame houses, studios, barns and commercial projects that we can provide a range for our clients. You can expect between $25.00 and $50.00 per square foot for your timber frame depending upon size, complexity and materials.

Timber Frame Package
Your timber frame package includes the timber frame design with elevation views of the frame, timber frame materials, labor for joinery, delivery, raising and crane service. Depending on location and complexity there may be an engineer’s fee for stamping the design, but it is not required on all projects.

Design & Build
Now we  will start to draft and 3D model (optional) a walk-through timber frame to human scale so that you can actually see what it would be like to be inside your home. Changes can still be made easily at this stage. Once the timber frame is finalized we order materials, start to layout and cut your timber frame, and get it ready for delivery to your site.

The Enclosure Process
Every builder has a different take on how to enclose a timber frame. There are many options including curtain walls (conventional stick-built walls), SIPS (structural insulated panel systems), strawbale (straw bales and plaster), ICF (insulated concrete forms), wood/chip/clay, cordwood, masonry and stone masonry.  The efficiency and the aesthetics of your house will typically determine the enclosure option.  All systems can achieve exceptional insulation properties.

Go Green!
Green Building – Passive House Construction – Net-Zero Construction
There is a lot of concern in the world on how to conserve and utilize resources and to minimize our effects on the planet we live on. The choices we make in our lives directly affect future generations so why not make the best choices we can with the resources at hand. We encourage all clients to consider some alternative building concepts to offset their ecological footprint on the world.

There are so many options within the green technology that it can be overwhelming, but since Black Mountain Timber Frames understands these systems we can engineer the best system for your conscience and your budget.